Professional Excavators 

All Minnesota excavators, including homeowners and farmers, are responsible for notifying GSOC of their proposed excavations so facility operators with underground facilities near the excavation site can be informed of pending excavation. Excavators are required to notify GSOC 48 hours in advance, excluding weekends and holidays, before beginning excavation. To notify GSOC of your excavation plans online, please go to ticketing.

WHITE MARKINGS: GSOC would like to remind you to mark the excavation area in white prior to submitting the locate request. White markings are required by law and increase the efficiency of locators by clearly showing where they need to locate.



Excavator Ticket Management® (ETM) is an online archive of an excavator’s GSOC locate request tickets. The ETM product allows the excavator to view and manage their historical and current locate request tickets.



Excavators can request an on-site meeting with facility operators by submitting a meet request ticket through GSOC. A meet should only be requested when it is difficult to precisely define the location or scope of the excavation in a routine locate request. When the meet time is requested, the meet time must be at least 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) after contacting GSOC. The excavation start time must be at least 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) after the proposed meet date and time.The scheduling of a meet request does NOT mean that the worksite will be marked at the time of the meet.

Excavators are required to maintain written documentation, an example of which is provided above, of each meet with a facility operator or their representative. This documentation must be kept for the duration of the excavation.



For more information about excavator responsibilities, check out our Excavator Quick Guide or the complete Gopher State One Call Handbook.


You can contact GSOC up to 14 calendar days in advance of your plans to excavate.

While a general contractor's ticket can be used for subcontractors, it is an industry best practice and GSOC recommendation that each excavator submit their own locate request ticket.

ALWAYS check your ticket status before beginning excavation using GSOC's
Positive Response System >>