Facility operators should maintain current contact information with Gopher State One Call and can change the information they have registered with GSOC at anytime by filling out and submitting our online form. We have also provided a pdf version if you would prefer to print out and mail your facility information. Paper forms can be mailed to: Gopher State One Call, 1110 Centre Pointe Curve Suite 100, Mendota Heights, MN 55120.



Under Minnesota Law an underground facility operator can respond to a ticket in several ways. First, the facility operator may either mark the underground facilities in the field, or place a clear/no conflict flag(s) in the field. Alternatively, the facility operator may respond through GSOC's positive response system. 

If you are currently not a Registered Facility Operator with Gopher State One Call and would like information on how to register as a facility operator, please email imap@gopherstateonecall.org or call 877-848-7472.



Locator Ticket Management® (LTM) allows for control over the management, assignment, and tracking of your incoming locate requests. LTM is available free of charge to all GSOC registered facility operators.



IMAP is an online application that allows GSOC registered facility operators to view, add, modify and delete notification polygons from their active database.


When a meet is requested by an excavator, an affected operator shall make a reasonable effort to attend the meet at the proposed date and time, or contact the excavator before the meet and reschedule for a mutually agreed upon date and time.

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Gopher State One Call is available to assist you in optimizing Facility Operator notification areas.